Frequently Asked Questions

What does the finished job look like?
Almost anything the customer wants. Numerous variations of borders and custom logos can be engraved into the concrete. It could be a problem just choosing one! Existing concrete can look like glossy hexagon shaped marble tile, dull old clay bricks with a long history, or multi-hues flagstone. We can make an existing concrete entryway look like a southwestern rug. We can carve a Celtic knot centerpiece in a driveway or you can accent borders with a series of Egyptian hieroglyphs. The possibilities are limitless.

Where can engraved concrete be placed?
Driveways, floors, parking lots, entries, walkways, steps, walls, ceilings, pool decks and patios – any concrete and some asphalt. Many homes, office buildings, restaurants, stores, fast food establishments, and convenience stores, have engraved surfaces inside and out. Concrete of any age can be changed to any of thousands of patterns and designs.

In the sunlight, will the color fade?
That is a good question to ask a stain manufacturer. Some stains are more UV stable than others. Everybody’s colors change. Fade? Maybe a little but many times a color actually becomes darker. Certain reactive chemical (acid) stains seem to be more stable in the long run. Color fastness depends a great deal on the clear coat used and there are big differences in clears and waxes.

How thick is it?
Please remember, the engraved systems are not overlayments or toppings. There is no thickness added. The engraving/grooving process cuts the concrete to achieve a design or grout line. More depth and texture is achieved by cutting deeper and/or wider.

How do you treat cracks in the concrete prior to installation?
Widening a crack and/or filling it with a special super duper epoxy compound “dookischmutz” does not work. Smearing a crack with polymer cement slow won’t fix a crack either. That crack is going to re main in the concrete, period! We find the best thing is to very carefully fill a crack with a product like a flexible polyurethane caulk. A crack can be tolerated it it’s hidden and disguised in the pattern.

Can the engraved process be done in doors?
Yes. We must be certain to select stains and clear coats that are not toxic.

Durability: How do engraved bricks look several years after installation?
With periodic maintenance the surface will look substantially the same years after the installation. With no maintenance, over the years, engraved bricks naturally take on an antique or used brick appearance. Brick or cobblestone that looks like it has a long history is desired by many. The first ever circular brick engraving job was completed more than 1- years ago. That job has been baking in the Florida sun, it has never had a protective clear coat applied nor has it ever been maintained or washed. Even when recently offered a free wash and clear coat, the homeowner, Mrs. Kaplan, refused… she likes her driveway just like it is… Looking like natural clay brick.

What is the life expectancy of an engraved installation?
Engraved patterns are guaranteed to never come loose. How could they? The pattern is cut INTO the concrete. The pattern will last as long as the concrete because it is the concrete.

How does In The Groove Concrete Designs accept payment?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, and cashier’s checks. We happily accept business or personal checks.

10 Reasons Why Concrete Engraving is the Best Choice
  • The pattern is cut into your ordinary existing hard concrete, And the best part is, it is better for the design to be “in” not “on” the concrete.
  • By remodeling existing concrete with easy to install concrete engraving, you will save time, mess, and money.
  • The pattern will last the life of the concrete. Many engraved concrete patterns look even better as they age.
  • An engraved system is not a topping or overlay that can delaminate.
  • The concrete engraving process beautifies and hides ugly discolored concrete along with disguising and hiding cracks, repairs, and imperfections.
  • Concrete engraving is fast and clean and surroundings are undisturbed. There is NO intrusive demolition nor is the concrete re placed. We are in and out ASAP.
  • A wide variety of designs, patterns, and logos are available along with a huge color selection.
  • No mandatory maintenance is needed.
    • Ordinary dirt and grime washes away with a garden hose.
    • Resists tire marks.
    • Oil drippings wipe right off the surface.
    • Weeds cannot grow between these “grout” lines.
    • These brick, tile, stone, or paver patterns can never come loose.
    • Enhanced resistance to salt and moisture penetration.
  • The engraving process is a property investment that adds distinctive value, beauty, and curb appeal to any home or business.
  • Plain and simple, it just looks good.